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Let's express ourselves!

Creativity is everything to me. With my creativity I express myself through my films, music and art. People who know me knows that I have very unorthodox ways of learning new skills. I went to piano lessons for months as a child and didn't learn a single song until I sat down by myself and started to listen at watch other people play, after a few weeks I could compose my own music. All by myself.


Today we get to be creative and express ourselves in new mediums every day. With filters on instagram, facebook, snapchat etc. people can experiment with different moods and styles and create a stronger social media persona. I use filters daily to express myself: show support for someone I admire, just for laughs, to express how I feel, to alter reality.

Now I get to share with the world my creativity on a broader scale. With Spark AR I embark on a new project on my instagram where I will publish new filters that I hope will resonate with people. Like everything else this is a learning curve that will be adjusted but for those who knows me know that my unorthodox way of learning new skills will come very handy during this project. So let's express ourselves and take control over our own narrative.

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