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Short Film


Förvaring (eng. Storage) is a short film set in a future not so far away from our present where technology has merged into all parts of life. We meet Anna at a suicide prevention institution, with total isolation the only means to communication is through a screen. She meets Angelica at the dining hall after a technical disruption. When they meet a second time they start to think it's not a coincidence they are meeting and start to conspire if they ever were sick. 

Förvaring is a commentary on how we might loose our most human connections whilst letting technology take over. Companies are already experimenting on therapy online and how to more efficiently deal with mental illness on a broader scale. But what happens when the technology that is designed to help us is the biggest offender.

Additional Notes:

Förvaring was filmed before COVID-19 and is exploring social isolation and how we make contact via a screen pre-covid era which gives the film now another viewpoint and as a time capsule of how we perceived the world before the pandemic. It sets and example on how the world around us change the meaning of the story. 

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