On this page you will find various projects I have directed during my studies as a bachelor in film directing at Stockholm University of the Arts. Due to legal reasons the projects will be published at a later date.

Wall to Wall (2021)

A seemingly nice couple has just moved in to the neighborhood. They are quiet, helpful, kind and don't make a lot of fuzz. Just your average couple.

Told from the perspective of the neighbors "Wall To Wall" portraits the couple next door in a broad spectrum where every neighbor has their own perception of whats happening in the couples apartment.

"Wall To Wall" is a short film based on research where we through a documentary process looked deeper into domestic violence through interviews with survivors, professors and organizations. We wanted to focus the project on the bystander, especially the neighborhood. What we found in our research is that many people thought they would intervene if they heard something, but few thought any of the neighbors would do the same for them.

A bleak realization on how lonely it is to live in a house full with people...

Cherry (2021)

Amie is invited back to Nicole's place after a successful first date. Tipsily they tumble around the apartment ready for the next step. When Nicole dares Amie to eat a cherry from her drink she delightfully accepts the offer. Amie will soon find out that Nicole has other intentions for the date than what Amie had hoped for...

"Cherry" is a short horror story created during a genre course during my third semester.