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Digital Works

The rapid progression of technology is an open invitation to explore new mediums of expression. My venture into the digital world is an enriching extension of my filmmaking. It's a playground where the structured storytelling of film meets the unbounded, evolving landscape of digital artistry. On this page I am showcasing some of the digital worlds I've come across.

Quarantine Dream

3D renders, Blender


While gazing at the four walls encasing me, I envisioned what the world outside my room might resemble. During the quarantine, I strived to maximize my time by honing new skills. Hence, I nestled down and acquainted myself with 3D modeling software. I peer into the outside and the unknown—a world I can't partake in, then refocus on my quaint enclosure, embarking on creation. Welcome to my digital quarantine.

Artificial Summers

Generative AI inspiration & research


I am captivated by the fast pace at which artificial intelligence has sculpted the creative landscape. As the technology advances, I aspire to partake in its success by finding ways to merge my own creativity with its tools.


This series embodies a segment of research and inspirational work I am undertaking for an upcoming project. Incorporating AI as a small component of a larger production helps me discern the potentials and limitations of such tools. The imagery it can render and the visual guidance it gives me are wondrous— a wonder I wouldn't want to miss out on.

Augmented Expressions

Instagram filters through Spark-AR


I frequently engage with filters to voice my sentiments, share support, evoke laughter, and occasionally, to whisk reality into a whimsical realm.

With Spark AR, I ventured into a new initiative on my Instagram—launching a series of filters crafted with a hope to strike a chord among the audience. This journey, as with all journeys, began with a learning curve, yet those who know me are well aware that my unconventional approach to acquiring new skills became a valued companion. So here I am trying to seize the narrative, express unreservedly, and orchestrate my digital discourse.

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