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Storage (2020)

Short film, 15 min

In a cutting-edge Swedish suicide prevention facility, Anna roams the corridors in isolation, communicating only via computer screens. After a technical glitch leads her to another patient, Angelica, their subsequent meetings spark doubts: were they ever truly ill, or is something else at play?

Storage delves into the unsettling consequence of technology overreach. As companies explore online therapy and broad-scale mental health solutions, we're forced to confront a poignant question: What if the technology meant to aid us becomes the biggest offender?

Storage, filmed before the pandemic, offers a prescient exploration of social isolation and screen-mediated connections in the era before global lockdowns. Now, the film serves not only as a narrative but also as a time capsule, capturing our perceptions pre-pandemic. It underscores how external events can reshape the interpretation of a story.

Director: Adam Cronstedt

Producer: Emelie Omnell

Screenplay: Emelie Omnell

DoP: Adam Arbinge

Sound: Martin Hedlund, Joel Johansson, Per Sandberg

Editor: Adam Arbinge, Adam Cronstedt

VFX: Adam Arbinge

Music: Adam Cronstedt

Cast: Emelie Omnell, Emelie Rasmusson, Emma Olausson, Sofia Lidman

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