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Short film, 12 min


After a long night out, the drag queen André can't seem to shake off the restless energy pulsating through his veins. Rather than going to bed, he picks up the phone and dials a stranger on a hotline. As their conversation becomes increasingly sexual and revealing, André peels back the layers of his glittering persona to reveal his true self, all while the stranger on the other end delves deeper into his violent fantasies.


Exploring themes of queer identity, loneliness, and sexual expression, Hotline is a raw and unflinching look at the depths of human desire and the risks we take to connect.

Director: Adam Cronstedt

Producer: Adam Cronstedt, Gustaf Fagerberg

Screenplay: Adam Cronstedt

DoP: Gustaf Fagerberg

Sound: Alessandro Ekman Cassinari, Andreas Fradera

Editor: Gustaf Fagerberg, Adam Cronstedt

Cast: Simon Rodriguez, Niclas Fransson


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