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Trap (2023)

Graduation short film from Stockholm University of the Arts, 17min


In their desolate town, seventeen-year-old Sami and his friends find excitement in dangerous games. They lure older men into physical encounters, escalating to violent confrontations. Secretly, Sami harbors a longing from these encounters, causing fractures in his friendships. When he meets thrity-year-old Johannes, this internal struggle intensifies, driving Sami to leave his familiar life behind and seek his own path, even as this journey strains his ties with his friends and challenges his understanding of himself.


"Trap" is a gripping coming-of-age thriller that deals with real-world issues like masculinity, violence, and intimacy. It asks tough questions about what happens when our secret thoughts and desires suddenly become reality. It's a look at the tough process of figuring out who you are and learning to accept yourself, and the price we sometimes pay for being true to ourselves.


Director: Adam Cronstedt

Producer: Anna Furenmo

Screenplay: Maja Palm

Photography: Patrik Vincent

Editing: David Hult

Sound & Music: Joline Scheffler


Cast: Kimi El Feky, Leo Harju, Joakim Lang, Bengt Braskered, Max Foroozesh, Pontus Löfgren

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